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Credit Repair is the way of changing the conditions of repayment of loan.
This allows you to save money and balance your budget.

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Overdue payment

Especially important for credit is not to be late with payments. According to the current method it immediately gets to the Bureau of credit histories, thus depriving a person of the use of the credit service for 15 years. Unfortunately, it happens automatically, but because the human factor, and all sorts of absurd accidents of the type like ATM bugs are not counted. If the threat of delay raises like a snowball the borrower should contact one of the agencies to resolve the debt.

Credit Repair

Especially now, during the global financial crisis, it would be difficult not to succumb to provocations market. «Do not hurry to sell the apartment. This is the only thing the realtors wait. The deterioration of the material situation of borrowers - is a reality that we will soon face. However, any bank, even if he denies it, there is a program of repairing the credit », - said Alex Wannoy.

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Mortgage Refinance

In the first place, the borrower has an opportunity for more favorable conditions to take a loan in another bank and fully repay the mortgage. The new loan may have a lower interest rate; this does not change the amount and timing of payments. However, many banks are seeking to insure themselves against the early repayment of loans and impose a moratorium related - from three or more years. If the period of stay has expired, you can begin to renew a mortgage loan to another bank. This right is used, if necessary to reduce the monthly burden on the family budget.

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